Single Sitting RCT IN GURGAON

What is root canal treatment?

Root Canal Treatment, in common terms, is the removal of the infected pulp of a tooth, cleaning, shaping and sealing the inside of root canals and restoring the tooth to its original function.

Root canal treatment might be followed by placement of an artificial crown as per need.

Why Root Canal treatment IN GURGAON?

Tooth is made of three layers:

  1. Enamel: the outer layer
  2. Dentin: the middle layer
  3. Pulp: the innermost soft layer which is made up of nerves and blood vessels.

When the cavity reaches the innermost layer i.e the pulp, the tooth pains. Pain can also be accompanied by swelling and in severe cases, pus or abscess can also be present. Pain can be so severe that the patient cannot chew on the affected side. At times, patients are not able to sleep also as the pain increases while lying down.

In chronic and severe cases, damage to the tooth and/or the bone is so extensive that we might need to remove the affected tooth/teeth.

What is Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment?

Earlier, Root Canal Treatment in gurgaon was done in multiple sittings where the patient was needed to visit the dentist multiple times. But with the advancement in techniques and technology, the same root canal treatment can be done in one visit only.

Yes, this is also true that in very few cases, patients might need to visit multiple times but still the treatment remains completely painless.

The Dentist usually prescribes some antibiotics and pain killers as per need. The Dentist administers a local anaesthesia to numb the affected tooth/teeth. An access is gained into the canals of the root. The canals are cleaned using multiple files and anti-bacterial agents and finally sealed.

The tooth is restored using a permanent filling material or a restoration which is tooth coloured followed by a zirconia crown or a PFM crown if required. The treated tooth/teeth are as good as a normal tooth in function.

Requirement of crown placement after root canal treatment depends from case to case.

Single sitting root canal treatment is scientifically proven to be a more effective way to save a tooth from extraction .

Advantages Of Single Sitting Rct in gurgaon:

  • Cost-Effective.
  • Lessen numerous visits.
  • Lessened operator and patient suffering
  • Help the physically impaired patients who cannot appear to the clinic repeatedly
  • Entirely painless method.
  • Reduce patient anxiety.
  • Very less time-consuming.
  • Patients who compel sedation during therapy
  • Help full in patient who required full mouth rehabilitation
  • Avoid multiple injections.
  • Lessened patient’s appointment
  • Danger of inter appointment contamination

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