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Home Spine Surgery Before & After

Case Summary and Treatment of Patients.

Severe Pain In Both Lowerlimb

Case Summary :  54/M, c/o sever pain in both lower limb with inability to                                           walk more than 100 meters at a stretch.

Diagnosis:  L4 5, L5 S1 sever lumbar canal stenosis.

Surgery: Microscope assisted Lumbar decompression.

Fracture Dislocation With Paraplegia

Case Summary : 52/M presented after road traffic accident with inability                                     to move both lower limbs and not able to control urine                                         and stools.

Diagnosis: D12 Fracture dislocation with paraplegia

Surgery: Posterior spinal fixation and decompression

Result: Patient made sit next day after surgery and underwent paraplegic                  rehabilitation.