When Should You Visit a Physiotherapist in Gurgaon?

Guidance of a skilled physiotherapist is something that several sportsperson consider in their training. Physiotherapists play a significant role in the injury prevention and performance of athletes, but how can a best physiotherapist play a significant role in daily life of general population?

From an athlete’s perspective, making use of a physiotherapy is quite obvious, however for the general population, is there any advantage in consulting a physiotherapist and why to consult one?

Let’s take a better look at what a physiotherapist can offer.

What services does a physiotherapist in gurgaon offers?

ACLAnkle SprainBack PainShoulder ImpingementPlantar Fasciatis
Bells PalsyOsteoarthritisRheumatoid ArthritisMultiple SclerosisSpinal Cord Injuries
Ankylosing SpondylitisBrachial PlexusInjury preventionCalf StrainCarpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cerebellar AtaxiaCervical SpondylosisCervicogenic HeadacheChondromalacia PatellaCostochondritis
De Quervain tenosynovitisTotal Knee ReplacementFibromyalgiaFoot DropCalcaneal Spur
HemiplegiaHip PainLumbar Spinal StenosisMeniscus InjuryObesity Physiotherapy
Traumatic Brain InjuryMuscular DystrophyReflex Sympathetic DystrophyNeuropathyParkinson Disease
Post FracturePost OperativeScoliosisShin SplintTrapezitis Physiotherapy
Supraspinatus TendinitisJoint DysfunctionTendonitisPiriformis SyndromeVertigo
Trigger Point PainCerebral PalsyFrozen ShoulderJoint DysfunctionSlipped Disc
Tennis & Golfers ElbowSciaticaRotator Cuff Injuries

A physiotherapist provides rehabilitation, education, training and support, performance training, in addition to assisting with pain relief in a lot of activities in your life.

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Professional Athletes are well synchronized with their physiotherapist, but for the common adult, a physiotherapist may be alien. For beginners here, best physiotherapists in gurgaon are experts in injury prevention, which is the process of adjusting posture, form and movement patterns to help decrease your danger of experiencing an injury or re-injury.

Generally, adults seek the advice of a physiotherapist for rehabilitation from an injury that may have occurred after trying a fitness regime, as a result of some occupational issue such as neck and pain in the back or recurring injuries as in case of dentists or people with long standing/sitting jobs, post surgeries or trauma. A physiotherapist help you restore your strength and understand what things you can change to reduce the chances of injuring yourself again. Prevention is always better than cure, so getting some guidance from a physiotherapist before you start at the fitness centers or join boot-camp is a great suggestion. Remember, a physiotherapist gurgaon understands both your fitness goals and how to train you accordingly.

When you visit a physiotherapist for any kind of injury prevention, you will be thoroughly evaluated.  Firstly there is thorough assessment to understand your past history, present condition and future goals. Then the physiotherapist will do a physical assessment/examination to obtain a better understanding of how you move, and identify any kind of weaknesses that might require dealing with. As soon as you have a diagnosis, the physiotherapist can possibly set out a straight path to help you succeed in your goals and prevent injuries.

If you are prone to injuries, it might be important to look for physiotherapist to reduce the danger of injury as early as possible. This can save you a lot of time and energy.


There are several factors as to why you might have nagging injuries turning up here or there, however your posture is probably among one of the most critical components to prevent such issues.

Your posture may not be something you pay close attention during your regular activities, however if pain or stiffness in your back, neck, and legs start to appear, then your posture might be one of the factors.

Amongst the common factors for frequent headaches in office workers is not the use of correct posture and ergonomics. With this in mind, a physiotherapist clinic in gurgaon can help you to develop better understanding of your posture and position, guide you on your work set up and improve the function of your postural muscles so that you prevent those unpleasant postural pains.

Generally, a best physiotherapist in gurgaon will customize a set of exercises to strengthen the postural muscles and will instruct you throughout your recovery process.


Probably, you may not have just one specific issue causing pain. Generalized pains can be related to conditions like Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility and many systemic diseases. But there is so much a physiotherapist can do to help reduce your pain and improve your condition.

Physiotherapist make use of hands-on techniques to reduce pain by stimulating certain nerve pathways. They can also offer education on approaches to deal with fatigue, how to best pace your physical activity and regular chores and how to increase your ability to do the things you need to do and most importantly, the things you love to do. A customized exercise plan can also help to alleviate pain and improve your strength and stamina.

Physiotherapists are pain relieving clinicians, it is important to understand that you should not to wait for your pains to become severe. Dull pains or frequent pains and dull headaches are a very common reasons to visit a physiotherapist. Don’t permit these nagging issues continue for months or years, when there’s something you can do about it today that is- consult a best Physiotherapist clinic in Gurgaon.


If you sit all day for work, you might think that stretching isn’t essential since you were not doing a physical exercise, however long periods of sitting can cause tightness/stiffness in your cervical and lower back and hamstring muscle groups. Getting up and moving regularly and performing some normal simple stretches will make a large amount of difference to work related aches and pains. Breaking your long sitting activity with stretching is crucial for your general health.

If you spend a good amount of time typing on a computer then you definitely must take into account stretching your forearm and wrist extensor muscles throughout each day. If you have neck or shoulder pains, you should consider a stretching exercise plan to loosen the muscles that help in the movement your head.

A physiotherapist is an expert in musculoskeletal health and they can formulate an extensive mobility and stretching exercise plan. You can be provided with videos to ensure you perform physical activity in correct manner. This will be highly beneficial in your regular fitness and overall wellbeing.


A physiotherapist provides rehabilitation after complicated surgeries. After surgery, you may not be able to remain active or exercise for considerable amount of time. This may lead to muscle weakness and a loss of strength, making it difficult to return to regular activities.

A physiotherapist can formulate a rehabilitation in gurgaon program which will help regain your strength and stamina so that you are back on your regular chores.


There can be situations in which you are diagnosed with a systemic disease and your only treatment option given by the doctor is to control the disease with medicines.

Diabetes, heart conditions and arthritis are all the conditions wherein adults need to manage their disease rather than finding a cure.

A physiotherapist can formulate an appropriate and suitable exercise program that will help you to manage your disease, primarily based on diagnosis and the findings after a detailed assessment.

At times the management process with a physiotherapist is so useful that you can reduce medications prescribed by the doctors.

If you’re in any such process, you should always consult your doctor about involving a certified best physiotherapist in gurgaon in your management approach.


There are certain congenital conditions in which humans are born with limitations.  Sometimes, limitations occur as age progresses, road accidents and trauma and in addition to onset of a new debilitating diseases.

Physiotherapists are highly skilled to assist and guide you to manage your limitations with customized exercise plans and treatment modalities.

Physiotherapist can help to train certain muscles and enhance your mobility to make your daily activities easier to manage, however they are also skilled at helping with devices, braces, and numerous health-associated accessories you may require for your condition.


This is the best reason to visit a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist work on a regular basis with patients who have undergone a hip or knee replacement surgery. There are 2 important things that a physiotherapist can do in these conditions.

Physiotherapists also provide pre-habilitation exercise regimes that is exercise for a month or earlier than your surgery to help you recover from your surgery in a better way.

In addition, post-rehabilitation is crucial for your joints so that they function similar to or better than they used to, before the surgery.

You must absolutely visit a physiotherapist if you have a hip or knee surgery scheduled or are thinking about it.


These offerings can assist anyone from an older person with back pain to athletes returning to sport or who need to assist enhance overall performance in few manner or another.

With regular and real-time feedback, your physiotherapist is able to identify certain weaker spots in your body to support your recovery or enhance your athletic performance.

This is precious for any young athlete trying to increase their overall performance and for any adult trying to clearly enhance upon weak joints or muscles in the body.


Having a child is as crucial situation for the body and the female body is subjected to many changes during the phases of pregnancy.

For this reason, seeing a physiotherapist clinic in gurgaon can help you strengthen muscles or joints that may have been strained or weakened during phases of pregnancy and they can formulate a plan to safely improve your activity levels and can also help you to lose that extra flab as well. A physiotherapist can also help mainly with pelvic floor or bladder and bowel problems which may arise during or after childbirth.

Consulting a physiotherapist is a better choice than a private trainer, because of the physiotherapist’s better understanding of the effects of pregnancy on the muscles and joints. Many new mothers develop problems while returning to normal activities too early or performing an irrelevant exercise.

Low back pain, Disc bulges or joint problems may also arise during or after pregnancy. So it is always better be under the guidance of a physiotherapist to avoid any such issues.


After getting aware of the services a physiotherapist can offer throughout the aspects of health, you should have a clear idea as to why physiotherapist important to your overall wellness.

Yes, a physiotherapist is a professional in both preventions and treatment of injuries.

Consider any or all of the reasons above to help you in your decision on when you should visit a physiotherapists in Gurgaon.

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