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Whenever you or anyone you know showcases symptoms relating to the heart, the person you need to go see is a Cardiologist in Gurgaon or best heart specialist in Gurgaon . The study of heart-related disorders and blood vessels is called Cardiology.

The study involves cardiovascular diseases and is a branch of internal medicine specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of the cardiovascular system. The procedures of treatment may include several intricate operations and tests as well as pathological procedures among many. As such, you need to find not only the best Cardiologist when dealing with a heart patient but make sure that they are well-suited for their condition.

best heart specialist in gurgaon

When should you visit to a Best Cardiologist in Gurgaon?

Many people are unaware of heart problems, which sometimes delays their treatment and prevention. So, for anyone wondering when to visit a Cardiologist, here are a few symptoms to look out for – 

  1. Family history 

If there have been considerable cases of heart problems in your family then you should visit a cardiologist when you showcase even the slightest symptoms relating to the heart.

  1. Chest pain 

This is probably the most important symptom that should not be neglected. You should get yourself checked if there’s pain surrounding your heart area.

  1. High blood pressure & Cholesterol

High blood pressure & Cholesterol are some of the reasons why people suffer from heart problems. This is why, if there is a consistent increase in your blood pressure or cholesterol then you should consider visiting a Cardiologist.

Cardiologist in Gurgaon
  1. Former/present Smoker 

People with smoking habits are some of the most high-risked patients who can suffer from heart disease. Tobacco lowers the flow of oxygen in your body and increases your blood pressure, blood clotting rate, heart rate as well as damaging your cells.

  1. Diabetic 

Diabetes is one of the factors contributing to a large portion of heart problems which is why a patient suffering from diabetes must consider visiting a Cardiologist for their heart conditions.

  1. Difficult pregnancy

Women are most vulnerable to heart diseases in their post-menopause period or during their pregnancy period. This hidden factor is also known as preeclampsia.

Symptoms of heart diseases can also include dizziness, shortness of breath, change in heart rate, nausea, obesity, excessive alcohol, and a poor diet. The best way to prevent heart diseases is by eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight with regular exercise and a good lifestyle, without the consumption of alcohol or tobacco.

The Best Cardiology Services in Gurgaon | Best Heart Specialist in Gurgaon

You can find the best Cardiology in Gurgaon at V-medica for all heart-related problems –

  1. Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)

An ECG helps in recording the electrical activity of a patient’s heart.

  1. Ambulatory ECG

The Ambulatory ECG is a device that helps in recording the rhythmic heart rate of a patient during exercises and other regular activities. The process involves sticking small metal electrodes on the patient’s chest which are connected to wires in a Holter monitor.   

  1. Echocardiogram 

The device provides an ultrasound image of the heart and its surrounding areas. This helps Doctors to know how healthy your heart is. It can measure cardiac output, inflammation if there are any, infections, and structural abnormal abilities.

  1. Nuclear cardiology 

Nuclear cardiology is an imaging technique involving radioactive materials that help in the studies of cardiovascular diseases in a non-invasive process.

  1. Cardiac catheterization 

The process involves the insertion of a small tube near the heart to collect data and relieve the patient from any blockages. It can also take pictures to check how healthy the heart is and showcase its electrical system. 

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  1. Cardiac electrophysiology

The electrophysiology process involves studying the work of electric currents inside the patient’s heart muscles and tissues to see how the current works and the kind of pattern it makes. 

  1. Exercise test and stress test

This test usually involves the measurements of any change in the heart rate when the person is resting and exercising. It determines the limitations and the performance rate of a heart.

Why choose V-medica for your next Cardiology Gurgaon appointment?

V-medica is a group of patient-oriented clinics equipped with some of the best pathology laboratories, X-ray machines, ECG equipment, and several other diagnostic procedures where the delivery and initiation of complicated treatments of a wide range of diseases is conducted with the mentality to rid their patients completely off their ailments.

Our panel offers not only excellent equipment but is affordable and showcases a high deliverance rate. Most of our tests are painless and quick. We also provide at-home services for patients along with several health packages for your convenience. V-medica believes in prioritizing their patients’ health more than anything else. We are working towards helping people from all walks of life to be able to gain the best medical facilities from the comfort of their homes and city with our experienced team of Doctors working to provide you the best possible treatment.

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