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Spine surgery is a speciality branch of orthopedics dealing with ailments of the spine, vertebral column and its supporting structures. There are only a few orthopaedic surgeons in gurgaon who are trained in spine surgery or spine surgeon in gurgaon. Vmedica department of spine surgery offers both surgical and non-surgical management of spinal problems.

spine surgeon in gurgaon

Back problems are not just related to age anymore. There are multiple reasons which can lead to back pain and disc problems apart from trauma and other pathologies. Some back-related problems –

  • Lack of exercise
  • Overexertion or improper exercise pattern (especially in gyms)
  • Prolong standing or sitting ( example: traffic policemen, salesmen, corporate employees)
  • Smoking
  • Prolong bending ( dentists and dental assistants)
  • Obesity
  • Wrong posture
  • Stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Post-partum
  • Congenital disorders ( scoliosis, kyphosis, spina bifida, spinal listhesis)
  • Ageing ( spinal stenosis)
  • Pregnancy

The low back can be because of multiple reasons. It can be because of bad posture, obesity, pregnancy or some disc problems. Before going further we will tell you about Slipped disc or a disc bulge or herniated disc.

The backbone or vertebral column or spinal column is made up of 33 different bones or vertebrae which are divided into 4 different regions i.e cervical, thoracic, lumbar, coccyx. The term ‘Disc’ is short for ‘Intervertebral Disc’. These are spongy cushions that separate the bones in the vertebral column. They provide shock absorption and helps in the movement of vertebrae. Different nerves and vessels which are connected to the spinal cord are protected by vertebrates and other supporting structures.

In case of a slipped disc or a disc bulge or disc protrusion, the disc bulges out beyond the edges of the edge of the vertebrae and might or might not compresses the nerve near it. The earlier symptoms include back pain, muscle stiffness especially in the morning and in case of nerve compression, one might feel pain, tingling or even numbness in legs or arms depending on the area of disc bulge.

In severe cases, one might feel weakness in legs/arms and might lead lack of bowel/bladder control. In such cases, you need to visit a spine specialist in Gurgaon immediately.

spine specialist in gurgaon

In the case of disc herniation, one might feel the same symptoms as mentioned above. The only difference is that in disc herniation or herniated disc, the outer fibrous ring ruptures and the inner gel leaks out.   

Pregnancy related low back pain: Pregnancy related low back pain is quite common. It usually occurs during the second or third trimester when a female starts gaining weight and belly size increases. Both of these factors put pressure on the spine which leads to low back pain and in some cases disc bulge or disc herniation. It is usually treated conservatively but interventional pain management might also be required in certain severe pain cases.

The prevailing concept about spine surgeons is limited. The branch of spine surgery is not just about surgical management. There is a hierarchy in the management of spine problems.

A. Conservative management i.e Medicines in combination with physiotherapy and lifestyle changes.

B. Interventional pain management.

C. Surgical management.  

Surgical management is an option when the other two i.e. A and B management fails to give adequate relief to the patient. There are certain problems when only surgical management is the option i.e. in case of trauma or when there is a neural deficit when the patient feels weakness in limbs or is not able to control bowel and bladder.

Role of physiotherapy in Spine problems

Physiotherapy plays a very important role in both conservative and posts surgical management. Once the diagnosis is made by a spine surgeon in gurgoan, physiotherapy helps in conservative management.

Physiotherapists in gurgoan at Vmedica help in muscle strengthening with various exercises and treatment modalities. They also guide you in lifestyle changes and posture correction. People usually get relief with management A and B and with postural and other lifestyle changes, usually do not need surgical management. But such changes should not be temporary. Regular exercises are a must to maintain good spinal health.


This is the most important aspect when choosing the doctor for your disc problems. The general orthopaedic surgeon might be able to diagnose the problem but he is not completely trained to manage disc problems or sciatica. Anesthetists or pain specialists can only do interventional pain management. Neurologists can only to the medical management. Spine surgeons and neurosurgeons are the only specialists who can do complete management of any of the spine or disc problems and also Vmedica is also provides the best dentist in gurgaon.

Vmedica for Spine problem : Best spine specialist in Gurgaon

8 on 10 individuals experience back pain at some point in their lives. Under such circumstances, you need the best specialists and treatments available. At V-medica Clinics and Diagnostics, we have highly trained spine surgeon in gurgaon, who diagnoses, and treats a variety of conditions associated with the back and spine, including degenerative disc diseases, disc herniation, decompression, spondylitis, kyphosis, and spinal tumors to name a few. A unique collaboration between Spine Surgeons and neuro physiotherapists ensures that the patient gets the most thorough assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

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