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Why V-Medica Multi Speciality Clinics For you ?

V-Medica Clinics are health centres equipped to provide you and your family with complete healthcare. At V-Medica Clinics, we provide the following services

  • Consultations with family physicians, speciality and super-speciality doctors
  • A comprehensive lab for blood, biochemistry and other tests
  • Radiology equipment such as X Ray, Ultra-sound
  • Cardiology equipment such as ECG, Tread Mill, Color Doppler, Echo etc
  • Preventive health checks customized on the basis of gender, age and ailment.

V-Medica Clinics aim to provide everything that you might need for everyday health care. Whether you’re down with a fever, or need a cardiologist’s opinion on your ECG, we have all the facilities, equipment, expertise and experience to look after you.

At V-Medica, we believe that illness can, and ought, to be prevented. We, therefore, provide preventive check-ups for your entire family.

Our doctors also keep track of each patient’s health history. This helps them suggest the simplest, quickest cure for a particular patient.

Why Should I Come To V-Medica Clinics ?

Laboratories at V-Medica Clincs are equipped with state of the art of instruments enabling physicians to diagnose and manage disease accurately. V-Medica Clinics has the best set of doctors and staffs for all your day-to-day healthcare needs. We provide everything an out-patient might need and help you make health-related decisions, better.

Do You Have Health Check at V-Medica ?

Absolutely, V-Medica Clinics offer a range of preventive health checks which can help identify early signs of major illnesses. Preventive health checks can ensure complete peace of mind for you and your family and help lower your health care bills as well.

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