Back pain: How Do I get rid of it?

As they say, “Back pain is like youth leaving the body”, and hence it becomes the most common reason for absence from work and for one seeking a doctor’s consultation. Being extensively uncomfortable and debilitating, back pain is the commonest spine problem from which every one of us suffer at least once in our lifetime. It is the 2nd most common clinical symptom after cough and cold.

“How do I get rid of it?” is a question and our very own Spine Specialist in Gurgaon has the answer to it. Remember, it is the type of back pain that will decide the treatment and prognosticate the problem. Read along!

Back Pain is basically of 3 types: 


Cause: Normal spine exposed to abnormal stress OR Spine in poor posture exposed to normal stress causes low back pain.

Management: Proper posture and adequate breaks in working period can improve such problems.


Cause: It is due to underlying inflammation of spinal joints (facet and sacroiliac joint).

MORNING STIFFNESS IS THE HALLMARK of this type. Patients are comfortable while walking or doing daily activity but the problem gets worse after rest.

This type needs investigations (Path Lab , X-rays and MRI) for proper diagnosis and MEDICAL MANAGEMENT AT THE EARLIEST IS DESIRABLE.


Cause: It is due to an actual pathology of spine like SPINAL INFECTIONS, TUMOURS , LYSIS/LISTHESIS etc

Pain is usually very severe and needs urgent investigation and treatment.

Catch your symptoms at their first presentations and keep your back pain at bay. Don’t let it keep you away from living a life you want.

At V-medica Multispeciality Clinic in Gurgaon, the department of Orthopaedics and Spine Surgery believes in PREVENTING A BACK PAIN, THAN TREATING ONE.

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